First soap production of the team

We are proud to introdue you our new project: La taca d’oli (“The Oil Stain”). We are also really happy to announce that our Student Chapter will collaborate with the city council of Barcelona and La Fabric@ Cooperativa in order to achieve the objectives of the project.


About La taca d’oli

The chapter will be responsible for the study and implementation of an oil recovery system, where used cooking oil from homes will be used to make liquid and solid soap. The project itself has a strong social impact. Eight women will be educated on environmental, social and professional subjects, whilst making an impact on disadvantaged areas of the city. Another positive point is reducing the amount of oil disposed in the sewage system, which is one of the biggest problems in water quality in Barcelona.

The integration of science and engineering with local communities is one of the main values of the chapter. We are glad to have this amazing opportunity and being able to give back to people in need, while sharpening the knowledge acquired in class.



We have set the following objectives to the project:

  • Acquiring the needed knowledge of the saponification process and the product characteristics that can be achieved.
  • Providing La Fàbric@ with process alternatives and enabling them to choose the best option.
  • Analyzing the environmental, sustainability and gender equality aspects of the project.
  • Design of a small-scale saponification plant


What now?

We have already started to study the saponification reaction and the final product proprieties when using reused cooking oil as a raw material. We will be working during the summer to achieve our objectives.

We are always in need of new team members. Do you want to impact our community while applying principles and skills learned in class? Join the project by e-mailing us at: