UPC Chem-E-Car: the EEBE Mobile

Current prototype of the second car

The Chem-E-Car is one of the two flagship projects the Chapter is developing. It consists in the design of a shoebox-sized car which is powered and stopped only by chemical reactions. The team attends to annual competitions and tests their vehicle against other teams from around the globe.

The development of this project creates an opportunity for undergraduate students to apply and develop the theoretical knowledge they learn in class in practical manner: while solving real problems. In addition, this project enables us to improve transversal skills, such as team work, leadership, stress management, and others, all while having fun!

The first Chem-E-Car of the Chapter


About the competition

A Chem-E-Car is a small dimensions car powered by chemical reactions. Designed by teams of college students, its main goal is to take part in the Chem-E-Car Competition, held by the American Institution of Chemical Engineering. This competition takes place every year, involving different regional stages that lead to the final competition. The challenge is to get the Chem-E-Car to drive a distance fixed by the jury while a 0 to 500mL payload of water is carried. Both specifications are revealed one hour before the competition starts. The car that gets closer to the line, wins.

The team discussing technical components at the WCCE10 Chem-E-Car competition


In 2017, the Chem-E-Car World Competition took place in Barcelona. Our team takes great pride in having taken part in this competition, and to having been able to attend the 10th World Congress of Chemical Engineering. Although the first Chem-E-Car developed by our chapter classified 12th int he competition, we are really proud of the accomplishments we achieved.


Our current aim is to send a team to the next World Competition, which is going to be held in November of 2018 in Pittsburgh, USA. We are going to try to improve the results we obtained in 2017 and further our network with other international students and institutions.

Lab tests of the Chem-E-Car