Covestro Barcelona

Last Thursday we had the opportunity to visit Covestro’s Barcelona production center, located in the Free Zone. The visit consisted of three parts. First, the plant director told us about the company and explained the operation of the plant. Covestro is a world leader in the production of polymers. With their materials and application solutions their goal is to make the world a brighter place.

Then, we visited the facilities, where we could see the production plant and its reactors, the control room and the laboratory. Finally, they showed us all the variety of products they offer. The Barcelona site produces resins for all industrial sectors such as coatings and treatments that are used principally in the automobile industry.

To finish off the visit, we were offered some coffe and snacks. They also gave us Covestro merchandise such as a bag, sunglasses and a ball pen.

La Taca d’Oli

This past December 13th we had the pleasure to make the first soap production with the members of La Fàbric@.

« La Taca d’Oli » project arises from a collaboration proposal from this entity, that is part of a field of work very close of our location, the School of Engineering of East Barcelona (EEBE). The project idea was the realization of a social initiative for people in the neighborhood of La Mina with which the cooperative works.

The objective is to achieve their labor integration by offering an opportunity: to work in the collection of used oil in the neighborhood for soap production. It is, therefore, an initiative focused on the field of circular economics and sustainability.

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UPC Recircula

On November 21st was held in our university the 3rd “Jornada #UPCRecircula#”.

This seminar is aimed at personnel involved in the management of resources, purchases and services of the UPC and students and people interested in promoting the circular economy in the university. Many activities and educational and informative talks were offered and one of them was ours.

« La Taca d’Oli » proposed a special soap production activity that took place in the laboratories of our university bearing in mind the theme of circular economy and sustainability.

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BASF Tarragona

On September 17 we had the opportunity to visit the BASF Tarragona production center located in one of the largest chemical complexes in southern Europe. This center is one of the main centers of production of the company and consists of 4 chemical plants.

The visit began with a brief presentation of BASF. This is a company present around the world and known for its slogan «We create chemistry» and one of the most important worldwide within the chemical sector with a wide range of products that are in sectors such as agriculture, hygiene, construction and pharmaceutical among others.

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PSE Summer School 2018

During the 18th, 19th and 20th of July, the first edition of the Summer School of Process Engineering took place. The program has been organized by our school, the Escola d’Enginyeria de Barcelona Est (EEBE) of the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC) with the participation of the Department of Chemical Engineering, the Department of Systems Engineering, Automation and Industrial Computing and our association.

The Summer School has been promoted by important research groups in Process Engineering of various Spanish universities (Alicante-UA, Burgos-UBU, Madrid-UPM, Salamanca-USAL, Valladolid-UVA) and is sponsored by the Spanish Committee of Automatics (CEA) and the Spanish Society of Industrial Chemistry and Chemical Engineering (SEQUI).

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Last February 27 we participated in the Youth Mobile Festival (YOMO) in representation of our university.

There, we explained to young people the Iodine Clock reaction, a simple chemical reaction which involves a color change.

It was an amazing experience and we hope to do it again next year! We are always glad to help student get approach to chemistry.

Esteve Química

Last January 22 we had the honor to visit the headquarters of Esteve Química S.A located in Tarragona (Spain).

Esteve Química is one of the largest Pharmaceutical Groups in Spain. They have more than 50 years of experience developing, manufacturing and marketing APIs (NCEs and generics) for regulated markets.

Thanks to them, we have expanded our knowledge in the field of chemistry.