AlChEmia: Homebrewing plant

Designed, brewed, and bottled by a small group of students from the Polytechnic University of Catalonia (UPC), Aichemia provides a series of craft beers that cover a wide range of styles and traditions such as: amber, pale ale, IPA, stout, irish red and others. We focus our resources into building an independent plant capable of handling most of the brewing process and delivering a high quality, professional product.

The plant

Our main plant is located at the Barcelona East School of Engineering. The whole process from the extraction of sugars from the malt to the bottling is done in a specialized and hygienic facility capable of handling up to 50 liters of production. Even with a low monetary income we are always improving our production capabilities with both quality of life systems to reduce cost and improve the quality of the final product.

The team

Our team is formed by a small group of engineering students that share a common interest in the art of craft beer. We try our best to apply our technical knowledge to try and make a quality product while keeping the manufacturing process simple and humane.

The product

From a light IPA to a traditional Irish red, we cover a wide variety of styles and flavours. Our work is focused on experimenting and finding new and interesting recipes and improve them by mere practise. That’s why we often combine trusty and well-known productions with new and exciting ones, this way we assure we always have a supply of known quality product while trying to find new recipes. This cyclical process helps us introduce any new recipe, test it, and decide if we want to go any further with it without having to worry about product shortage.