In order to take the knowledge acquired in class further, we like to visit companies and meet professionals to know firsthand how the chemical industry is in real life. This allows us to have a better view of our sector and allow us to solve our doubts and concerns. Although our interest is focused on the chemical industry, everything that has to do with science is a great opportunity to learn. We are always looking for new destinations and our curiosity has no limits.



Whenever circumstances permit, we like to participate in the different events around us. Attending congresses, conferences, exhibitions, fairs, as well as participating in competitions and festivals is a way of networking and getting to know people like us who love science. Our curiosity has no limits, and we are always willing to learn with these kind of events.


Periodically we meet to discuss the various issues that affect the association. In them we review the work done, we update the projects and we propose new objectives. These meetings allow us to exchange ideas and opinions in order to pull forward the association and try to be a reference within the university as well as within student associations.


As a student association, we do not only meet to discuss about work or studies. As a group, we also give importance to our personal relations and friendships. That why we regularly organize dinners and try to have fun at bars or discos. Even though our members are from different ages and academic year , we always find a moment to hang out with the other members and share experiences and talk about our lives.